Weber Medical Centre
1400 Weber St. Kitchener, ON, N2A 3Z8
PHONE: (519)748-6933 | FAX: (519)748-9733
K-W Healthy Living • Walk-In & Travel Clinics
1360 Weber St. Kitchener, ON, N2A 1C4
Examples of Urgent Care:
Weber Medical Centre & Walk In Clinic, Ontario, Kitchener
» Minor Cuts or Wounds That May Require Stitches
» Sprains, Strains or Deep Bruises
» Ear Infections
» Urinary Tract Infections
» Fevers, Coughs, Congestions & Sore Throats
» Insect Bites, Rashes & Scrapes
Our Clinic Also Offers:
Weber Medical Centre & Walk In Clinic, Ontario, Kitchener
» Flu Shots
» Addressing General Health Concerns, Psychiatry, Counselling
» Minor Emergency Procedures (Stitching, Wound Care, Excisions)
» Travel Clinic - Vaccine Advice By Appointment
» Endocrinology, Dermatology
» Pharmacy - Prescription Refills
» Pediatric Care
Convenient & Effective Medical Attention

Weber Medical Centre & Walk-In Clinic in Kitchener, Ontario, offers medical care for non-life threatening conditions. We provide urgent care to individuals experiencing conditions and symptoms that do not require emergency care but cannot wait for an appointment with a family doctor.

Friendly & Attentive Care

Our clinic is convenient for those who do not have a family doctor, and also offers an alternative for those who cannot wait to schedule an appointment, even if they already have a family doctor. Weber Medical Centre’s team of physicians provides the friendly and attentive care that you would find from your very own family doctor, coupled with the convenience of not having to wait for an appointment.

Consultations & Travel Advice

Our doctors offer consultations for general health concerns and travel advice to ensure all of your health needs are addressed.

For those times when your health cannot wait for an appointment, we welcome you to Weber Medical Centre & Walk-In Clinic.

Visit Weber Medical Centre & Walk In Clinic today.
We are open Monday to Thursday from 2-8pm and Friday 2-6pm.